IMMANENCE  THEATRE  ARTISTS                                     
...the divine exists within all
art is the intention embodied in the intersection of creation and experience

Immanence Manifesto

The divine exists within all

Immanence has found the expression of infinity in the locations of the ordinary.  Always presenting theatre on the streets in locations and at times when there are natural confluences of people, we hope to unsettle the ideas of life narrative and social constructions, decoding the familiar into exposes of the raw human beneath the all too common rituals of life.   

In our past work, we have been arrested for disturbing the peace, unlawful assembly, public performance without a permit, disruption of traffic – but that is part of the work, and the sacrifice that we find necessary to separate the performing representations that we maintain from the underlying tensions that are always present in society, always trying to find the truth that underlies what seems like absolute reality. 

In bringing work into an actual theatre, we hope to unsettle the ritual of theatrical reality and the assumption of fables as stories of comfort.  We are of the belief that exposing modern ritual should be found in the difficulty of bringing the dream of existence into our art. 


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